The Graduate

I know you’ve all been sitting there hitting refresh every five seconds, but I am shocked to learn that it is over a year since I posted here.  I’m not going to excuse it – life got in the way as it tends to.  Anyway, as of today I am officially a graduate.

I got my final OU mark today (90% on my exam and a distinction overall) and am in line for a First class degree.  Go, me!  It’s been a long four and a half years with many tears and tantrums along the way, but I’ve done it!

As soon as I opened the email, I burst into tears as relief and happiness washed over me.  This particular module was a tough one.  As well as the immense workload, Ive had a busy, busy year. I started a new job last October, re-entering the world of full-time employment which added to the pressure.  We’ve set a wedding date (eeeek) finally and so that has taken up time in venue hunting, dress shopping and the million and one other things that go along with it. Every deadline seemed to coincide with something major – two deaths in the family, a huge bus crash which resulted in a broken wrist on deadline day (the day I said ‘Oh, it’ll be fine, I’ll just do my bibliography and conclusion when I get in from work…’ ha – yeah.  The references ended up in no logical order with typos and the conclusion was, to quote my tutor ‘odd’).  Then there was the bout of pleurisy.  It’s been a fun year.

I apologise for blowing my own trumpet – actually, that’s a lie.  As much as it goes agaisnt my character, I am bloody proud of myself.

Now my degree is done (did I mention that?) I’m starting to write more.  I’m reading for pleasure more (18 books in the month since my exam) and of course, planning the wedding of the decade.


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