REVIEW: Self Publish Your Book by Jessica Bell

downloadThere are so many ‘how to’ writing and publishing guides on the market and like any self-respecting procrastinating writer, I have read a lot of them.  This guide from Jessica Bell is by far, my favourite.

Every step from formatting to cover design to actually getting your book out there is covered in step-by-step detail.  Jessica manages to spell it out in simple detail without being condescending.  I love the bullet points; not only can you tick off items as you do them, but it breaks down what can seem like huge tasks into bite size, manageable chunks.  I’m not the most technical person, but I managed to follow each and every step with ease.  A quick example: before reading this book, I spent days (probably more like weeks) messing around trying to format my book.  With this book, I had it all finished in one day. That is how good this book is.

I seriously cannot recommend this book (or the others in the In a Nutshell series – I have them all) enough.  If you’re serious about self-publishing, you have to buy this book.

The book is availble now in Kindle or paperback format.


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