Reading Challenge: Week 5

I really seem to hit a bit of a slump, here having only read one book for this week.  Usually I turn to books and reading more when I am stressed or tired – I suppose its escapism – but at the moment I’m struggling to focus for long enough to really get into a story.  I have re-read Virginia Woolf’s Orlando another gazillion times.  See a pattern here.  I’m due to study Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ after my deadline next week, so expect a slight shift.
Anyway, this weeks book was ‘Card School’ by Andrew Milner, which I loved.  It isn’t a book I would normally pick from the shelves, but many of the best books are discovered that way.  I will post a link to the full review very soon. I will say, that this book get bonus points for being set in a boarding school.  Ever since I first read Enid Blyton, I had a bit of an obsession with boarding school, which I suppose never left.

What have you been reading?


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