Reading Challenge Update: Week 4

Move along, please.  There’s nothing to see here.

snow1Yep. For the first time since I can remember, I have not read a single book this last week.  Combine assignment writing, a flurry of snow/sick days and the week from hell that just keeps on giving, and its no surprise that something had to give.  I’m just frustrated that it had to be reading that took a back seat and not cleaning the toilet or cooking.  Oh, well.

(I have re-read Orlando and read several gazillion academic journals about it/Virginia Woolf/modernist/sexism…but,  I won’t bore anyone with that.  Anyone who is genuinely interested, can happily proofread my assignment before I submit – I’m only half joking).

Anyway, on my bed side table ready for tonight, is ‘Card School’ by Andrew Milner. I’m quite excited about reading this as it is so different from anything I usually read.  It ticks quite a few boxes on my reading challenges, too!

I shall leave you with a cute picture of the kid playing in the snow.


You wouldn’t think this much snow could cause so much disruption, would you?





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