Reading Challenges 2015

I love reading.  I also love a good challenge,so it stands to good reason that I love reading love bookchallenges.  For the past few years I’ve participated in the Goodreads Challenge. Set the number of books you aim to read and off you go.  It couldn’t be easier.  This year, I’ve decided I want something more.  I have set the goal of 100 books on Goodreads, but I am planning to incorporate other challenges.  Here’s my round-up of the best 2015 reading challenges.

The Banned Books Challenge:  This is probably my favourite of all of the challenges I found and I wasted no time in signing up.  Perhaps it appeals to my well-hidden rebellious streak or something.  There are different levels to choose from based on how many books you plan to read.  I’m going all out as ‘Leader of a Revolution’ with the goal of reading more than fifteen books.  You can read along for fun, but to participate officially, all you have to do is review the books you’ve read on Goodreads or similar.  Check out the Buckling Bookshelves website for more info.


Book Riot’s Read Harder: Another challenge that really appeals to me.  Rather than ticking off specific books, you tick off tasks.  Ranging from genre related tasks to subject or author tasks, this challenge will really broaden literary horizons, which is what all good book challenges should do.

The Diversity Challenge:  Another interesting challenge for reading more widely is My Little Pocketbook’s ‘Diversity of the Shelf’ reading challenge is another winner.  Again you can choose your own level, opting to read from one to more than twenty-five books.  The only specification is that every novel must be written by or have a main character who is of colour.  You can only sign up until 12.1.15, so if this one is for you, hurry!

Around the World Challenge: This challenge from All About Books got me really excited.  It worldinvolves two of my favourite things, books and MAPS.  Embed a map onto your blog and mark off the places in the books you have read.  There are also optional mini challenges you can complete to spice it up a little more.

The Emma Kerry Insanity Challenge:  As I was typing this up, I pondered how cool it would be to fins a book (or multiple books) that fit all of these challenges.  If I manage to find one, I’ll let you know!

I’ll be updating my blog every Wednesday with how my reading challenges are going.  Now though, I’m off to play with my maps.

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