You DO have time to NaNo.

Yes, you do!  No, really, you do.  *Gives self a stern stare*

1.  Make time.  My mum always used to nag tell me that you make time for whats important, and while her advice was at times dubious (eating apple pips result in apple trees growing out of my ears?) this time, I tend to agree.  Turn off Facebook/Twitter/step away from the videos of kittens/stop obsessing over castles and country manors on Rightmove (just me? Okay, then) and get on with what is really important – your novel.  Go on.

2. Every minute counts.  In an ideal world, I would get up and head straight to my desk (turret?) and write.  I wouldn’t have to worry about pesky day jobs or cooking or cleaning.  This is not an ideal world, though and finding a few consecutive hours to write is not going to happen every day – if at all.  A novel is made up of single sentences.  Snatched minutes and half hours here and there all add up.

3. Plan.  No matter how understanding your other half/kids/friend are, life is not going to stop for a month.  I have a birthday party and a big OU deadline on the same day, so I know that for a few days, my priorities are elsewhere. Hopefully, I will be able to work around this and get a few extra words in before and after, so I’m not left with a huge deficit to make up.  I say, hopefully.

4. Prioritise.  If you are really dedicated to NaNo and completing your novel, then make it a priority.  It goes without saying, that some things are going to have a higher priority – working, kids and whatnot, but NaNo needs to be up there with the best of ’em.

This post is as much a pep talk to myself, as it is to anyone else.  NaNo won’t be easy.  In fact, it will be damned hard, but another pearl of wisdom from my mum  – everything worth doing is!

Good luck to everyone else who is NaNoing! Not that you need luck, ’cause you can do this!


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