Review: If You Could see What I See

cover32179-mediumIf You Could See What I see by Cathy Lamb

In this moving, insightful new novel, acclaimed author Cathy Lamb delves into the heart of going home again, the challenge of facing loss–and the freedom of finally letting go…

For decades, the women in Meggie O’Rourke’s family have run Lace, Satin, and Baubles, a lingerie business that specializes in creations as exquisitely pretty as they are practical. The dynamic in Meggie’s family, however, is perpetually dysfunctional. In fact, if Meggie weren’t being summoned back to Portland, Oregon, by her grandmother, she’d be inclined to stay away all together.

Since her husband’s death a year ago, Meggie’s emotions have been in constant flux, and so has her career as a documentary film maker. Finding ways to keep the family business afloat–and dealing with her squabbling sister and cousin–will at least give her a temporary focus. To draw customers to their website, Meggie decides to interview relatives and employees about their first bras and favorite lingerie. She envisions something flip and funny, but the confessions that emerge are unexpectedly poignant. There are stories of first loves and aching regrets, passionate mistakes and surprising rendezvous. And as the revelations illuminate her family’s past, Meggie begins to find her own way forward.

With warmth and unflinching humor, If You Could See What I See explores the tender truths we keep close–and what can happen when we find the courage to bare them to the world.

This was my first Cathy Lamb book, but it won’t be my last.  As gripping as the story is, it is the characters which make this book for me.  Each one is a perfectly drawn mixture of traits.  I could not only see the characters, I could feel them.  Each character has their own problems and secrets, none more so than the central character Meggie O’Rourke who is plagued by nightmares following a bad marriage.

Although this book is undeniably a romance, it is a real romance.  Nothing seems stilted or over the top.  Nothing seems too perfect, which makes a refreshing change.

I received an advanced reader copy through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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