Review: Superman and the Doomsday Army

cover31742-mediumSuperman and the Doomsday Army by Laurie S Sutton

Thousands of aliens have targeted Earth. The MAN OF STEEL battles them in back into orbit, and opens the armor of one of the soldiers. Inside is DOOMSDAY! Superman breaks open more armor. All the soldiers are DOOMSDAY clones — thousands and thousands of clones! One Doomsday is bad enough, but now there are infinite Doomsdays!

Superman and the Doomsday Army is fast paced and action packed, ideal for younger kids.  The kid is five now, and obsessed with all things superhero, he also has that ‘endearing’ honesty of a five year-old and is all too quick to pronounce things ‘boring’ or ‘rubbish’.  He was really impressed with this book, though.  We read it together over a few nights and he eagerly awaited the next installment, excited to find out what happened next.  We both enjoyed this story.  Finding a book that is equally entertaining for both me and the kid is a tall order, but this easily fulfils it.

Although the recommended age is 8-12, I found the kid understood the story with a little explanation and discussion, he was fine.  I’m sure older kids would find enough to keep them entertained, also.

He gives it ‘one billion million and sixty’, but for the purposes of a serious review, we shall go with a plain old five.

We received an advanced reader copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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