100k in 100 days.

100k in 100 days.  What is there to say?  I have one thing:  what the hell was I thinking?

It hasn’t been a complete failure.  I have 10408 words at the end of day 19, and I am hoping to get a few more tonight.  If we ignore the fact that I should be on 19k, that’s not bad going.
  I could blame the fact that I’m behind due to my bout of pneumonia (only ‘walking pneumonia’, not too serious), but I was behind before I got ill.  I could admit I’ve bitten off a touch more than I can chew, but I’d never do that.

I’m feeling neither optimistic nor pessimistic about the future of the challenge.  The kid broke up for the summer holidays today, work is insanely busy and I have deadlines coming out of my ears.  But, I’m not giving up.

The good news is that I love my WIP now.  My characters have really come to life and I’ve added a whole new subplot which is fun.  Writing under the influence of antibitics leads to interesting things, for example, my MC’s kids just got kidnapped by a crazed lunatic.  Like I said, fun.

Anyone else doing the challenge?  How is it going?


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