Review: Down Among the Gods

cover33155-mediumDown Among the Gods by Kate Thompson

The Greek god Hermes narrates this extraordinary novel of contemporary romance by award-winning author Kate Thompson 

“I have a story for you . . . It is a tale of immortals, acted by mortals.” So begins this story of two lonely people who meet at an adult education class.

Jessie Parker has just turned forty. Between the recent death of her mother and the local library’s burning down, she feels bereft and adrift. Patrick Robinson, a journalist with artistic tendencies, is also searching for something. With the gods looking down upon them, Jessie and Patrick begin dating. Soon, they find themselves deeply in love, but caught up in the struggles that plague all relationships. Told from the perspective of the immortal Hermes, Down Among the Gods is a riff on the modern romance. By turns funny and moving, this remarkable novel lays bare the intimate yearnings of those who quest after love everlasting—whether on Olympus or right here on Earth.

What I love about this book is how it manages to seamlessly merge reality and the imaginary.  It is a typical love story with a – really interesting twist in that it is told by Hermes.  I loved the constant intervention by the Greek Gods and Jessie and Patrick’s insistence that it was the other controlling the relationship.  This made for a fun read.

Thompson’s writing is insightful, real and captivating.  It’s rare to find a completely novel concept or approach to a book, but this manages both.  I found it easy to delve into this book; it would make a perfect holiday read.

4/5 stars

I received an advanced reader copy from the publishers Open Road Media in exchange for an honest review.


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