Review: Soon

16119905Soon by Charlotte Grimshaw

During the long summer holiday, the Lampton and Hallwright families gather in a large beach house belonging to Prime Minister David Hallwright and his wife Roza.

The weather is perfect and outwardly all is well, but the harmony is disturbed when Simon Lampton’s brother Ford arrives for a visit.

Ford casts a cold eye over the company, barely disguising his contempt for David Hallwright. To add to Simon’s discomfort a young man called Arthur Weeks makes contact, asking about Simon’s secret past affair, while Roza tells her small son Johnnie a continuous story about a group of fantasy creatures a story that contains uncomfortable parallels with their current lives. When Simon agrees to meet secretly with Arthur Weeks, the result will threaten the security of them all…

Charlotte Grimshaw’s exhilaratingly gripping and clever narrative traces the lives of its beautiful people ‘moral imbeciles’ in Ford’s words as they jostle for position in their leader’s court.

I really enjoyed this book.  I admit I was a little sceptical at first about the political themes, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Grimshaw focuses on what is beneath the surface, offering fascinating insight into the characters and their messy, sordid lives.  Even though the characters aren’t all that likeable – Simon in particular assumes an anti-hero role, but I found myself fascinated by these people and the world they live in.

I haven’t read Charlotte Grimshaw before, but I intend to add some of her other books to my never ending to-read pile.


I received an advanced reader copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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