Be Brave

Yesterday, we took the kid to Twinlakes Park (highly recommended, by the way, especially for younger kids).  Shortly after we arrived, the kid spotted a big slide.  I mean huge.  He had to sit in a rubber ring to slide down the almost vertical slide at speed.  Ever the anxious mummy, I repeatedly asked him if he was sure.  His response? “How will I know if I like it if I never try?”  Wise words.  As it happened,  he hated it, his bottom lip quivering as he ran into my arms.

Minutes later, he saw the ‘big boy rollercoaster’ and decided he wanted to have a go.  Again, I tried to talk him out of it. (Partly because yours truly would have to accompany him.) I gently reminded him that he hadn’t been keen on the slide.  He simply looked at me and said, “If I’m never brave and try, I’ll never go on anything!”

So, there we have it; today’s lesson courtesy of the kid.  We all have to do scary things sometimes and the best way is to just do it.  After all, if we never face our fears, we’ll probably end up never doing anything much at all.  More importantly, we must remember not to  let one bad experience stop us trying other new things.

Incidentally, the kid loved the roller-coaster so much we went on it half a dozen stomach churning times!

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