Sun, Sea and Feverish writing


Old school writing in the sun. (There may or may not be rum in that coke.)

Early yesterday morning, we returned from a sun-soaked holiday in Tenerife.  It was fantastic.  The temperature rarely dipped below the late twenties and every moment was perfect. 

In between the swimming, cocktail sipping and dolphin spotting, I also found my writing mojo in a big way.  I found myself getting up early and sitting on the balcony with my espresso and notebook. I scribbled while waiting for the kid to finish in kids club.  I wrote on my sunlounger by the pool.  I wrote in the late afternoon while the kid (and the boyfriend) took a siesta.  I filled an A5 notebook with actual, proper, writing.  The ideas flowed as freely as the sangria.  Not only did I write a startling amount towards my book, I also had dozens of ideas for flash fiction and short stories.


Inspiring, no? A 6am balcony view.


All this time I was looking for my muse and she was holed up in Tenerife.  I can’t say I blame her.  Cross everything that she doesn’t desert me now.



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