Review: Watch Over Me

Watch-Over-421-195x300Watch Over me by Daniela Sacerdoti


The Story

Eilidh Murphy’s world comes crashing down as she loses her longed for baby and her marriage ends.  At rock bottom, she returns to Glen Avich, in the Scottish Highlands.  Back in the comfort of the place where she grew up, she is reunited with childhood friend Jamie McAnena, who as a single dad has his own demons to fight.
With a helping hand from beyond the grave, in the form of Jamie’s deceased mother Elizabeth, the couple are drawn together.


The characters made this story.  Every character was perfectly drawn and I found myself genuinely caring for them.  I loved the characters of Eilidh and Jamie, but the supporting cast in Glen Avich were all equally endearing.  Sacerdoti switches between the first person point of view of the main characters, which she manages in an understated way that most writers don’t quite pull off.

My view

This is a strong contender for the best book I have read in ages.  I was captivated early on and Sacerdoti’s writing is so subtle that I didn’t even realise it was happening.  The overall theme is one of accepting the past and moving on, which is one most people can relate to on some level.  I cannot recommend this book enough.


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