Review: The Pollyanna Plan

The Pollyanna PlanThe Pollyanna Plan by Talli Roland

Rating: 5/5


Emma Beckett’s cautious world comes crashing down around her as she loses her fiance and her job on the same day.  With her best friend Alice, she embarks on the ‘Pollyanna Plan’ to help her ditch her pessimistic ways.  Meanwhile, Emma’s love interest Will has his own set of problems.

I love the premise, as a convert to the world of positive thinking myself, I could really feel for Emma and understand her.  I found the characters believable and more importantly, really likable   I found myself really rooting for Emma and Will.  Talli switches between the points of view of Emma and Will, which meant seeing both sides of the love story.

My thoughts

I loved this book.  It was easy to read – I managed it in a single flu-ridden day – and left me with a warm glow.  Talli touches on more serious matters in The Pollyanna Plan than some of her other works.  (I don’t want to give away any spoilers, you’ll just have to discover them for yourself.)

I love the way Emma learns how to overcome her problems, learns how to really love and how to follow her dreams.  It is the perfect story of making a new start.


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