NaNoWriMo Blues

I completed and ‘won’ NaNoWriMo, but it all left me feeling a little dejected.  As I verified my word count at just under 51k, I didn’t feel the euphoria that I expected I would.   I thought I was overtired, but the feeling has stuck.

It is now ten days past NaNo and I’m still trudging on with my novel.  Not at the rate I was during November, but slow and steady.  I still love my story.  If anything, it seems to be flowing better now I don’t have the constant pressure of expected word counts hanging over my head.  I’ve read through what I’ve already written and I have to admit it isn’t as rubbish as I expected.  All in, NaNo was a positive experience, I just never felt that completing was much of an achievement.  In fact,  I’m almost disappointed I didn’t write more.  Odd.

How does everyone else feel about NaNoWriMo now that it’s over?

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Blues

  1. Hi Emma. I felt like that in 2009, it was such an anti-climax. And then I didn’t want to look at my NaNo project again until March… but eventually went back to it and ‘New Beginnings’ was the result.

    I suspect it’s normal to feel a bit down after that steady effort for so long.

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