NaNoWriMo Progress Report #3

There are only eleven days left of NaNo and any smugness I may have held about it being relatively easy so far have flown out of the window.  I’m behind and I’m lacking motivation to catch up.

It’s taken me all evening to slog out 2k words and it was almost physically painful.  I know where I want my story to go, but am having a few problems getting there.  It started as I crossed the 25k mark.  My elation at being halfway through was short lived as I realised I was only half way through.  A fatigue washed over me and I found myself wishing for December 1st.  Never a good way to feel.

All of my usual doubts crept in.  My story is rubbish.  My characters are rubbish.  I am rubbish.  See a pattern here?  Yesterday I was giving serious thought to quitting   But I haven’t.  I’m still plowing on in the hope that I can write myself out of this funk.

I keep repeating my mantra that if it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing.  Let’s all hope I’m right.

Oh, and next year when I say I fancy a challenge in November, tell me to try Movember.  It would be a heck of a lot easier.

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