NaNo Survival Kit

NaNo 2012 starts tomorrow.  Gulp.  As ever, I’m not as prepared as I would like to be, but I do have an idea that I quite like, which is a start.   I’m experimenting with a more plot based idea and am quite excited about getting started.  I have managed to throw together a NaNo Survival Kit:


Obviously.  I drink more coffee than is probably healthy at the best of times, so naturally, NaNo calls for extra.  I have bought double the usual amount of coffee to get me through the week.  My new OU module starts at the weekend, too so I definitely need the added caffeine boost.


Unfortunately, NaNo coincides with a diet revival.  Exam and assignment stress has led to my jeans fitting a little more snug than normal, so my usual writing snacks of chocolate, biscuits and salt and vinegar kettle chips are out and fruit is in.  Luckily I like fruit and with autumn and all it’s juicy pears and plums and my very own apple tree, I’m not too upset about this healthy snacking.

Kid-sized distractions

The kid is at school full time, so it should technically be slightly easier to keep on top.  Just in case, I’ve stocked up on colouring books, craft kits and I’ve saved loads of old boxes for him to get creative.  I’ve also treated him to a few DVDs to occupy him and am planning a few long walks to tire him out and clear away the cobwebs.
I haven’t overlooked boyfriend-sized distractions, though and am planning on ‘selflessly’ letting him have plenty of game nights and maybe a few nights in the pub to keep him quiet.

Meal time plans

Autumn means easy food; stews, casseroles, chillis – all meals you just bung in a  pan and hope for the best.  (Move over Nigella.) I have also perfected my ‘I’m too tired and busy and stressed to cook so let’s get a takeaway’ pout.  Perfect.


More seriously, now.  I have downloaded the NaNo special trial of Scrivener.  I heard about this via Twitter and wasted no time in getting my trial.  You can read about it here.  I’ve wanted Scrivener for so long and so far it is living up to my expectations.  I have a feeling it will come in really handy for my plot heavy story.

How have you prepared for NaNo?  


One thought on “NaNo Survival Kit

  1. mary aalgaard says:

    Great ideas! Love how you’re taking care of the boyfriend and have the take-out pout all practiced up! Good luck. Enjoy it the journey, and write to your heart’s content.

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