BOFF2 Launch

Today marks the release of the Best of Friday Flash 2 (BOFF2).  Friday Flash is a community of writers who post stories each Friday under the Twitter hashtag #fridayflash.

I started posting on Friday Flash just over two years ago and felt immediately welcomed by the community of writers.  A combination of support and simply putting my writing out there, meant I started to take my writing more seriously.   If it wasn’t for Friday flash, I doubt I’d have had several short stories published, or that I’d have a completed second draft and be due to start my second novel.  As well as, and possibly more important than the opportunity to get my stories out there, are the writers themselves.  I have many friends who I connect with on Twitter and Facebook, who I got to know through Friday Flash.  A more supportive community of writers would be hard to find.

When BOFF2 opened for submissions, there was no hesitation over which story I should submit.   My story ‘Blue Tears’ is one of my favourite flashes.   It was originally part of a mini series with the same story told from different points of view, this one from the point of view of Katy, a domestic violence victim’s teenage daughter.    When I started writing, all I knew is that I wanted it to be about a troubled teen, I had no idea where the story would take me and the story pretty much wrote itself.  I was pleased with the end result and the two stories that followed. (One from the victim’s sister’s point of view and the last from the perpetrator’s father.)

The anthology contains many wonderful stories as varied as the wonderful authors who wrote them. I have already downloaded the ebook, but cannot wait for my paperback copies to arrive.

Buy BOFF2.

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