Help. I Lost my Writing Mojo!

I can’t write.   I’ve been so busy with my studies and parenting responsibilities, that this year my writing has taken a back burner.  As I finished my exam on Wednesday and with two weeks until my next module starts, I was expecting to get some quality writing time in.
It’s not just writers block or the shift in thinking from writing essays to writing fiction.  It’s more than that.  I don’t even want to write.  I’ve not even been sitting blank-faced in front of the computer screen.  I’ve not even been putting off starting, like I tend to when I’m a bit overwhelmed.   I’m not even having ideas like I normally do.  I sat on a bus for an hour the other day without a single idea popping into my head.  This is worrying.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve written.  Even before I started taking it seriously two years ago.  I usually get grumpy if I can’t write.  Ideas bombard me everywhere I turn and I squeeze in a few minutes writing wherever I can.  Writer’s block, I can deal with, but losing the will to write?  I hate it.

Maybe I’m just exhausted; maybe I need a rest and I’ll come back better than ever.  Maybe not.

Has anyone else ever gone through a period like this?  How did you get over it?


3 thoughts on “Help. I Lost my Writing Mojo!

  1. Oh yes. I am right in the middle of a massive period like this, Emma. Every now and then I feel inspired and it feels good to write again, but those moments have been few and far between this year. I think this is pretty naturaly when one is busy.

    I would say don’t beat yourself up about it though. One day you’ll be surprised as you’ll get a great idea and find yourself writing again.

  2. I agree with Rebecca. Sometimes one is so busy, the well can’t fill up properly. I’d say you’re due for some rest. I have been in the same situation, although it is usually stress and strife that brings it on for me.

    Let the well fill, try not to worry too much, and one day you’ll wake up with ideas knocking down your doors again. x

  3. mary aalgaard says:

    Of course, and yes you will get it back. There are times in life when we don’t have extra energy or ideas. The rest does a creative body good. Give yourself some grace. Try other creative outlets, like walks, or visiting art galleries, or taking some photos or drawing. Whatever might feel right at the time.

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