Writers Tools: 750 words

Writing is hard, so it always helps to have something to help you along a little.  Imagine my delight when I discovered 750words.  The concept is simple – write 750 words a day.  The month’s tally is kept at the top of the screen, to spur you on to keep it up.

I’ve seen people talk about it on Twitter and kept meaning to take a look, but today, as I took revision procrastination to a whole new level, I decided to check it out.  As luck would have it it’s the first of the month, so I’m starting with a clean sheet and I’ve already written my 750 words for today.  I’ve set an email reminder for 10am, to give me time to do the school run and make coffee before I sit down and write.  I’m sure it will also come in handy as NaNoWriMo prep.

The funny thing is, because I completed my 750 words this morning, I’ve been spurred on to write more and on the whole I’ve been quite productive all day.  Here’s to an extremely productive October.

4 thoughts on “Writers Tools: 750 words

  1. Rebecca Bradley says:

    I think this is a great idea. I want to try NaNo and this seems like a perfect practice run. The problem is I’m in revisions so word counts aren’t as important. Wishing you a productive month and I’ll hopefully be counting with you in November! 🙂

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