All Grown Up

On Tuesday, my baby started school.  He was so excited he woke at 6am and didn’t pause for breath until I kissed him goodbye in the classroom.

I was quite proud of how I managed to hold it together.  I had a few wobbly moments over the weekend, as I ironed name labels into his uniform and on Monday night as I prepared his packed lunch and I was worried I would show him – and myself – up by blubbering at the gates.  I was fine…until, as I turned to give one last wave, he called across the classroom

“I love you so much, Mummy.  I’ll miss you.”  It was then that I made the fatal error of making eye contact with another mum.
“Aww, bless him.” she smiled, and that was it.  My lip started quivering and I had to make a quick dash before the snotty sobs started.

I got absolutely nothing done on Tuesday.  Actually, that’s a lie. I phoned my mum, I phoned my best friend, I checked my phone approximately every ten seconds for missed calls from school and spent hours scrolling through photos of him.  Very productive.  At half past two, I was stood in my hallway, shoes on, keys in hand ready to leave to pick him up at 3pm.  I live a five minute walk from school.   Yes, I know it’s slightly pathetic.


2 thoughts on “All Grown Up

  1. This actually made me cry because I can relate. When I dropped my youngest off for his first day in January I really wasn’t expecting it but I sobbed all the way back to my car and then really lost it in the car. Shocking! It does get easier though. I hope he really enjoys school. x

  2. mary aalgaard says:

    Awesome. My big boy left for college this year. I check my messages daily for word from him. He’s not a big communicator, so I won’t hold my breath. He didn’t call or write on my birthday, yesterday. I’m going to take that as a sign that he’s having such a great time at college and studying so hard.

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