Growing Pains

Last Friday, the kid left nursery and in September (a mere six and a half weeks away) he will start in Reception class.  Even though I knew this was coming, I still feel caught off-guard.  As I dropped him off on Friday, I was a mess – partly because he was sad at leaving his teacher and some of his friends, but mainly because he’s growing up too fast.

I’m going to miss our afternoons together – snuggling up and watching films, painting or going for lazy walks in the woods.  I also miss him being a baby – cuddling him to sleep and spending my days playing peek-a-boo and watching him sleep.

As he chats about his new teacher and gets excited about picking out lunchboxes, I realise that my worries about him starting school full-time are mainly selfish.  He can’t wait – he loved nursery and seriously can’t wait to go back.  Over the last year he has changed so much.  He’s made friends, he’s settled down and he’s learned so much.  He is happy, smiling and confident.  From gripping my hand, his eyes wide with trepidation a year ago, he now runs off in front to greet his friends.  His personality is shining through – how kind and helpful he is, how excitable he can be and his cheeky sense of humour.

He’s not worried in the slightest about moving up.  Over the last few months he has discovered a love of reading and writing (much to my delight) and I know he’ll thrive in school.

So, in September I’ll watch him into his new class with a smile. (Who am I kidding, I’ll bawl like a baby, but at least I can have some perspective on it.  Maybe)


One thought on “Growing Pains

  1. It’s funny, I think I’ve been talking to you for a couple of years now so I feel like I’ve watched him grow up through your blog! I’m glad he’s doing well and I wish him, and you, all the best for September!

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