Deck the Halls

Today marks the Australian launch of the Deck the Halls anthology which contains my short story ‘Til Death Us Do Part’.  To celebrate, one story will be released every hour where it will remain on the website free for twenty-four hours.   Check out the Literary Mixtapes website, follow on Twitter or ‘like’ the Facebook page for updates

Here’s the official blurb:

DECK THE HALLS traverses the joy and jeopardy of the festive season, from Yule to Mōdraniht, Summer Solstice to Years’ End. The stories journey through consternations and celebrations, past, present and future, which might be or never were.

Along the way you’ll meet troll hunters, consumer dissidents, corset-bound adventurers, a joint-toking spirit, big-hearted gangbangers, an outcast hybrid spaceship, petrol-toting politicians, mythical swingers and a boy who unwittingly controls the weather.

Heart-warming and horrifying, the collection is a merry measure of cross-genre, short fiction subverting traditional notions of the holiday season.

Those lucky enough to live in Australia can buy the book from the eMergent bookstore  from $4.95.  The rest of the world will have to  wait until December.


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