Z is for …

Z is for zzzzz.  I am so, so tired.  This month has been really busy with not one, but two assignment deadlines, school holidays and several writing projects.  Luckily, I go on holiday tomorrow – a week in Greece, hurrah!  Of course, this fact has meant the last week has been spent washing, ironing and packing.   I really can’t wait to get into bed tonight.

Z is also for zombies, the subject of the latest series of Choose Your Online Adventure. (Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from the eighties?  It’s like that, but for grown ups.)  I like horror, zombies included but have never really written about them, so it’s proving to be fun. It helps that the group I’m working with are incredible.

I can’t believe April and the A-Z Challenge is over so soon!  I hope everyone has had as much fun with it as I had.


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