Y is for Yoga

I recently took up yoga.  I’m not naturally the sportiest of people, but I like to try and stay healthy.  I can’t afford a gym membership so I tend to stick to DVDs I can stick on at home.  I usually go for aerobic/dance style work outs, but recently I picked out a yoga DVD instead.  I have to admit that to start with, I wasn’t convinced.  I’m used to jumping around to get my exercise, and it didn’t seem like I was doing much of anything.  I was wrong.  In just over a month, I’ve noticed real benefits.  I’m more flexible, more toned,  calmer and the niggly pain in the bottom of my back has eased.

I know it may sound a little dramatic, but yoga has changed my life.  I try and do at least a little most days and I increasingly find myself looking forward to it – something I never thought I would say about exercise!


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