W is for Writing

What else?  I’ve always written, even if I’ve not always taken it seriously.  When I was at Primary School, we had to write a diary on a Monday morning describing what we had done over the weekend.  Mine were incredible.  Completely made up, but incredible.  From the almost plausible tales of me looking after my little brother and sister while cooking and cleaning because my mum and dad stayed in bed (it’s a wonder Social services were never called) to the completely insane battling dinosaurs and day trips to Mars.  Incredible.

Throgh the years I progressed to writing plays for me and my friends to act out and dabbling in (terrible) short stories.

Almost two years ago, I joined Twitter and found out about the Friday Flash.  After a few weeks of just reading the short stories, I decided to write my own and the rest as they say is history.

I love everything about writing – even the difficult, painful parts.  Whether I’m actually any good at it or not, there is something I can’t help but love about creating little worlds and characters.  I’ve not been giving my fiction writing much attention recently as coursework and real life have gotten in the way.  Not writing makes me incredibly grumpy.  This past week I started working on the CYOA Zombie series and I’ve noticed that I feel slightly less stressed and anxious.  I’m going to make an effort to write a little two or three times a week.


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