V is for Vacuuming

This is partly because I had no idea what else to write for V, and partly because it is true.  I hate cleaning.  I really hate it.  Even more though, I hate having a dirty, untidy house.  My only option is to stop whining and get on with it.   I don’t like dusting – it makes me sneeze; I don’t like washing dishes or mopping floors and tidying with a 4 year-old in the house is like walking in quicksand.  Vacuuming, though I quite like.  There’s something quite therapeutic about sucking up all that dirt- and trust me, with this particular four year-old there is a lot of dirt.  A quick run around with the hoover can make a big difference.  I vacuum everything – in between the cushions on the settee, curtains, I even cleaned the kid’s chalk board with the hoover the other day.

Plus, when the kid was a tiny, colicky baby the sound of the hoover was the only thing that would get him to settle.

What is your favourite household chore?

2 thoughts on “V is for Vacuuming

  1. No wonder you like to vacuum. I hate all those chores, too. Laundry, though, since it’s an on-going project is just part of the hum of the house. And, I reallly hate dirty clothes lying around. Also, you can mark your progress.

  2. I do the same thing when I vacuum – couches, window sills, baseboards, etc. I even get the brush attachment and vacuum the fan blades and other hard to reach places so I don’t have to climb on a ladder and dust them. Either I’m very clever or very lazy. I can’t decide…

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