T is for Talking

As the BT ads used to say, “It’s good to talk.”  I’m not actually that much of a talker.  Being quite shy I often prefer to blend in to  the background and listen.  Talking is good, though.  When something is bothering me, talking it through with my best friend over coffee never fails to help.  After a bad day, offloading onto the boyfriend makes me feel better.

When I was going through a particularly difficult time a few years ago, I didn’t talk to anyone – not even my mum.  Instead,  I pretended everything was fine or shrunk away from people.  When I finally did break down and confide in someone – my GP – I suddenly saw everything so much clearer and was able to figure out a way out of the situation I had found myself in.  Now, I try and be more open about my problems.  I’d hate to become one of those people who shares every tiny little problem and who is always moaning, but sometimes talking can help us gain perspective.



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