R is for Reading

(Apologies for being late – again;  blame the projectile vomiting kid.)

Anyway, R is for reading.  I know I’ve already had B is for books, but I really   love reading, and this is more about the act of reading.  For example, reading requires more or less undivided attention.  You can have the television on in the background whilst you iron or cook dinner; you can’t do this with a book.  I tried tonight and ended up with a ruined pan, burnt pasta and a sulky kid – oops.  Reading requires thought.

My four year old is starting to bring reading books home from preschool (along with homework, but that’s another rant/blog).  His teacher tells me he’s more than ready to move on to this stage.  He has always loved books and storytime and recently he has wanted to ‘read’ to me at bedtime.  He tells me a story based on the pictures and I’m astounded  by the imagination he shows.  The last week or so, he’s begun to point out letters he recognises.  He looks over my shoulder as I’m writing a shopping list, empties the cupboards and fridge looking for letters he knows and last week went through one of my course books circling all the letter ‘a’s. He recognises names and regularly sends text messages to my sister with his name neatly typed out.  Earlier, as we were looking at a book, he pointed to the word ‘and’ and read it.  I’ve nver been so proud or squealed so loud.  I just hope he keeps this love of reading.


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