N is for Nature


In particular, the woods near my house.  I feel very lucky that there are vast woodlands right at the end of my street; a mere two minute walk from my front door.  The kid and I spend a lot of time there with his bike or my mum’s dog.  This time of year is beautiful as the bluebells and dafodils are beginning to appear and everything seems to be springing to life.   There’s a man made trail which goes for miles in each direction, but when on foot, we prefer the smaller, pathways created from years  of people walking the same way.I grew up spending hours in these woods and being able to watch the kid enjoying the same things I did, is a wonderful thing.  I can remember going down with my grandad as we cut through the woods, over a very loud and shaky footbridge to collect his pit pension.  I remember long bike rides with my little brother and sister, where we be out all day, returning home filthy and tired.  I also remember sneaking out to meet my first boyfriend at a bench near the top of the woods.

Now, I spend my time trying to stop the kid venturing into a ditch on his bike, singing his favourite songs or reciting his favourite stories.  It is definitely one of my favourite places in the world.


3 thoughts on “N is for Nature

  1. Nick Wilford says:

    That sounds lovely. We had some great woods round our school, good for playing manhunt and things. Nice that you can pass on your own experiences to him!

  2. I love nature too. Just got back from the Catskills, and looking at miles of pasture and woods. I’m over from A to Z if you want to pop over and say hi. (Catherine Stine’s Idea City)

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