L and M

Yes, I know I missed yesterday.  After what seemed like a neverending day, I sat down to write my L is for… post and my internet was down.  Fantastic. (Though, I must admit that I’m glad it didn’t happen earlier in the week when I had my assignment to submit.)  Anyway, my internet is (for now) back, so here are my two posts.

L is for love

I think love is an overused word.  People throw it around with phrases like ‘I love coffee’ ‘I love [actor/musician/band who they have never met]’ etc.  But, when it really matters, I don’t think people say it enough.  I tell the kid several times a day how much I love him, but (with the exception of the boyfriend) I can’t remember the last time I said it to anyone else.  Crazy.  Especially when I freely declared my love for crumpets only this morning.

If people said (and meant) ‘I love you’ more often, I think the world would be a slightly better place.

M is for Movies

I was going to write about my favourite movies, but that was way too difficult a task.  As I was pondering this, though, I realised how much I use movie watching as a comforter.  When the kid is ill, we snuggle up on the sofa together and watch a film (usually Stuart Little); when I have a quiet night in with the boyfriend (no writing/ironing/phones) we will curl up and watch a film; when my sister or best friend come around we get a takeaway, wine and watch a movie; if I’m ill or tired I put on a favourite film.  It’s strange that I never realised how I use movies in this way.



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