J is for Jessica

Jessica Valentine is the main character in my WIP and I love her.  Really love her.  I’ve put her through absolute hell, but she still talks to me.  Often at unfortunate times, but she talks to me all the same.  I’ve been working with her on and off for just over a year and she’s like a best friend.  This was confirmed on a recent shopping trip when I picked up a top declaring to my confused sister, “This is so Jessica.”

It feels as though we’re best friends.  She confides in me.  I know how her mind works, I understand her.  I don’t always like her and the choices she makes, but that’s true of any friendship.  When I’m not working on my WIP I miss her and when I’m working on another project it almost feels like cheating.

Now, I’ve laid down my complete insanity, how do you feel about your characters?

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