I is for Internet

Of course.  What’s not to love about the internet, eh?

I do use the internet on a daily basis.  It is only 11am and I have already used it to order a birthday gift for someone; check my bank account; check the weather forecast for tomorrow; send a few emails; check Twitter; check a bus timetable; look at a property website; find some important information for my course; write this blog post;  look at a friend’s holiday photos on Facebook and  print some Thomas the tank engine colouring sheets for the kid.  Later I will use it to submit my latest assignment, do my weekly grocery shop and probably a handful of other things.  Just think how much harder my morning would have been if it wasn’t for the internet.

Of course, like all good things, the internet has it’s disadvantages.  While it’s fun to spend ten minutes with  a coffee and your favourite blogs/Twitter/Pinterest, we all know ten minutes never is really just ten minutes.  In moderation though, the internet is great.


4 thoughts on “I is for Internet

  1. Nick Wilford says:

    It’s amazing how much we take it for granted. You’re much more organised than me, though. I couldn’t do all that in one morning even with the internet!

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