F is for Food

Cooking up some trouble..

Or rather, the cooking of it.  I never used to be much of a cook until the kid was weaned off of pureed food.  Until then my culinary skills extended as far as heating up a ready meal or at a push, scrambled egg on toast.  I wouldn’t say I’m the best cook out there- Gordon Ramsay can rest easy – but I’m getting there.  More importantly, I enjoy cooking.

I credit this on the kid and his good appetite.  I’m really lucky that he isn’t a faddy eater (apart from the time he had chicken pox and would only eat green food).  He loves vegetables and fruit and usually clears his plate.  One of his favourite meals is my homemade chicken curry.  Throw in the boyfriend’s healthy appetite and it makes cooking a pleasure.  I actually enjoy coming up with meal plans and preparing a nice, healthy dinner every night.

Then there’s baking.  I’ve always liked baking.  A favourite rainy day activity with the kid is taking to the kitchen and making cookies or monster cakes. (They’re like fairy cakes, but more boy-ish apparently.  Ask the kid.)

Of course, despite my new found love of all things food, there are still days where after a busy day where I can’t be bothered so we get a takeaway.  Like last night actually.


14 thoughts on “F is for Food

  1. You are lucky to have such good eaters in your home, ones who like to try new foods and aren’t afraid of vegetables. I get frustrated when my kids are afraid to try new foods.

  2. Well, of course monster cakes are more boyish — I would even say, more manly — than fairy cakes. Not that we want to reinforce outdated sexual stereotypes or anything. 😉

    How great that you have good eaters in your house and he likes working in the kitchen with you.

  3. That’s great, Emma! I was never much of a cook, either, and I don’t have a kid to entice me, but nevertheless I’ve managed to garner a love for cooking somehow. I know how awesome it is to come up with a good recipe, how much fun it is to try it out, to tweak it into perfection (well, close), and the pleasure you get deep in your gut when the people you serve it to love it. So happy you discovered this!

    I’m your “neighbor” on the A-Z (#311), and I’m super glad to have found your blog.

  4. sharkbytes says:

    I’m hopefully past the period of life that requires large amounts of cooking I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge this month.

  5. Hi, Emma, good post! I like to cook, but it has to be for a real purpose and have someone to share it with. I live alone now and rarely cook for more than just myself. So it is just enough for one and not important. Breakfast is my favorite meal (always has been). Best regards to you… keep cooking. Ruby

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