B is for Books

At Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

It’s no big surprise that I chose books for my ‘B’ post.  I am, and always have been obsessed with books.

I love everything about them – the way you can get completely lost in them, how they can transport you to a new world or era.  I love the way they can make you feel.   A good book can make you laugh, make you cry, terrify you and comfort you.

My love affair with books started early.  I remember having chicken pox when I was about eight, and spending a week in bed, devouring a box set of Roald Dahl books.  I went on to read everything I could, reading on average two books per week since.  In the days before my son was born (when I was too huge to move)  I was reading two books a day.  That’s a lot of books.

My favourite book?  There are far too many to choose.  My tastes are eclectic to say the least.  I love horror – I read my dad’s Stephen Kings when I was really too young and more recently discovered Dean Koontz.  I love the classics.  I read Emma when I was eleven (purely because of the name) and quickly became hooked working my way through Bronte, Dickens and Shakespeare’s collections.  I class Jodi Picoult as one of my favourite authors and I love the supernatural – sparkly vampires aside.

I’m lucky that my son loves books as much as I do.  I love watching as he grows and begins to understand and enjoy the stories.

What are your favourite books??

12 thoughts on “B is for Books

  1. Maribeth says:

    We have similiar reading interests. My favorite book as a young girl was Behind The Attic Wall by Sylvia Cassidy.

    Nice post. I love books too.

  2. I feel the same way you do about books. The one that I remember hooking me in from childhood was The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I don’t actually remember a time before I was a reader…it’s been an obsession my whole life.

  3. Dirty Flirty Irene says:

    Ahh, i love books too! I could have an entire library…if I had room in the house for one. There is just something about a book….pure love! Great post!

  4. I also picked books for my “B” 🙂

    I have too many favorites to pick just one…. But a recent really good one I have read is “Room”….. and “the Book Thief” 🙂

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