February: a Little Update

Not much has happened this month, apart from turning thirty ahem.  Everything has been ticking along nicely, I’ve met all of my deadlines and everything has been running smoothly.  Lets see how long that lasts.

Reading:  I am slightly behind with this.  Mainly because I started reading a book that was too bad to finish.  I won’t name names but until now, I have never failed to finish a book.  I’m a little annoyed that I wasted money and time on it, actually.  It’s not all bad, the next book I started (Righteous Exposure by A K James) is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Writing:  No flashes, but  I have been submitting everywhere and I’ve picked up my WIP again.  I’m sure it’s a good thing that my main character won’t leave me alone but it doesn’t seem it at 3am or when I have an assignment deadline looming. 

Open University:  Speaking of assignments, I have a deadline on Friday.  Yes, that’s why I’m blogging.  I’m still loving my studies, I’m still passing my assignments and I’m starting to get really excited about my next module which starts in May. We’ll forget the little overlap for now.  I’m also setting up a volunteer placement in the galleries and museum of a local stately home, which I’m unbelievably excited about.  Think a kid at Christmas and times by ten.

Other Stuff:  I flew back from Dublin last night after an amazing time of dragging the boyfriend around art galleries and museums, eating too much and drinking too much Guiness. Today, I’m feeling a bit fed up in the anti-climax of it all.  The nearing deadline and the fact I’ve come down with one hell of a cold aren’t helping.  Never mind, it’s only nine weeks today until we go to Greece.

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