#FridayFlash : Could be You

“Y’know, I might as well talk to myself.”
“Right, c’mon.”
“I ask you to do one little thing, and you still can’t manage it. One small thing.”
“Number 17 – got that one.”
“Are you even listening to a word I say?”
“Number 32 – hey, we’re on a roll here, pet.”
“Now, I’ve got to try and put a shelf up on top of everything else.”
“Number 49. Haha. A tenner at least.”
“I suppose you think I sit around on my arse all day, while you’re a t work, don’t you? Feet up, cuppa, Jeremy Kyle? Is that it?”
“6. Oh c’mon!”
“Well, I don’t. It’s hard bloody work looking after three kids and keeping a house in order. Food doesn’t just appear in the cupboards y’know.  And it sure as hell doesn’t cook itself.”
“Haha! 18. Get in!”
“And little fairies don’t come out and sort out your dirty washing or clean the bath when you leave it covered in grime.”
“25.  Haha, I don’t believe it love. Do you believe this?”
“You never listen to a bloody word I say. Not a bloody word.”
“Do you believe it?”
“I don’t believe this.  You’re not even listening.”
“Oh my God. Oh my God. Look, I’m shaking, love.”
“Maybe you’ll listen to this…”
“We’ve won. We’ve bloody won the lottery.”
“…I’m leaving you.”



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