My Writing Plans

Last year didn’t end well writing-wise for me.  After quitting NaNo, I hit a wall, other things piled up around me and my writing suffered.  Non-writing Emma is a grumpy cow, so I need to rectify it.  I love lists and I love goals, so I’ve compiled a list of goals to help me. 

1.  I will flash.  Friday Flash that is.  I’m not going to give definite goals like every week, I’m just going to try to flash as often as I can.  I already have half a draft for this week.  I’m looking forward to getting back into this.

2.  I will return to my WIPs.  Just not yet.  I have a collection of interlinked short stories which I’m going to start working on again.  I love my two big WIPs but the characters end up taking over my head and I kind of need my head for other things right now.  Who knows, the break might do me good.

3. I will submit, submit and submit some more.  My laptop is full of stories and pieces of flash fiction, so I’m going to set them free into the world.  I have sent two out this morning.  I don’t think anything beats the terrified buzz you get from hitting the send button.

4.  I will write something every day.  Whether it’s working on my WIP, writing a flash, or just scribbling down a character sketch, I will write something every day.  No wordcount targets – my resolution for 2012 is to be easier on myself and admit that I’m human.


2 thoughts on “My Writing Plans

  1. I’m jumping back on track with routine writing as well and Flash Friday sounds like such a great idea! I’m also commiting a chunk of my money to subscribing to literary journals which will hopefully inspire me and give me a better idea of where to publish things in my aesthetic. Looking forward to seeing you grow!

  2. 1. I need to write more flash fiction. A great way to boost creativity.
    2. I need to make sure I don’t walk away from my WIP novel just because it’s too overwhelming.
    3. “1.” will help this point. I need to submit more and so writing lots will help!
    4. I try to write as often as possible. If I’m in the middle of a project, I make myself work on it every day.

    And that’s me done!

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