Goodreads Reading Challenge 2012

I love reading and I love a good challenge, which is why I’ve signed up for the Goodreads Challenge 2012.  It’s quite simple, you set yourself a target and read, adding the books you have read to your profile.  Simples.  I’ve set the target of 100. 

I used to read two books a week, then I had a kid, started writing and started my degree.  I really want to get back into the swing of reading properly again and armed with by shiny new Kindle, I’m going to give it a go.  (I’m well aware that two books a week works out at 104, but 100 is a nicer number and I want to cut myself a bit of slack.)

Of course, I am a glutton for punishment so I have set myself other goals to go along the 100 books. 

1.  Each of these 100 books will be a NEW book.  No re-reading. 

2.  I shall aim to read a wider range.  I tend to go through phases of reading a lot from one author or a particular genre.  Not in 2012.  I shall vary them, alternating at the least.  Though, I am reading the works of the Bronte sisters, but shush, I shall alternate the Bronte’s with other authors.  Or at least alternate sisters.

3.  I shall not judge a book by its cover/blurb/other silly things.  In 2011, I read a few books that I wouldn’t normally have read; books I would usually have picked up and put back and on the whole I was pleasantly surprised.  I will try this again this year.  Also, if I hate a book I won’t make myself carry on – something I am prone to do – I shall abandon it and move on.  Unless of course it’s a set book for my course, in which case I shall cry.

4.  I will review or at the very least rate the books I read on Goodreads.  It’s something I never get around to, but I hope the challenge will spur me on.

So, there you have it.  My reading goals for the upcoming year.  Have you any reading goals?

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