ROW80 & NaNo: Routine Change

Despite too many late nights, too much coffee and barely stopping, I am still behind. I ‘wasted’ the weekend being ill, so I’m playing catchup more than ever.

The idea is to get as much as I can done while the kid is at preschool, but I usually end up grocery shopping and tackling Mount Laundry and then getting frustrated that I haven’t achieved as much as I’d like. Once he’s home, it’s pretty much impossible to get anything substantial done. I can manage the odd blog post and maybe snippets of reading, but nothing that requires concentration. This leaves once he’s in bed. I’m lucky that he sleeps well. He goes to bed at 7pm on the dot and is usually tucked up and snoring by 7.30pm. By the time as my boyfriend finishes work and we’ve eaten it’s pushing 9pm before I can make a start on anything.

By 9pm, the last thing I want to be doing is reading about Stalin or attempting to catchup on my writing. I want to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and watch a film or read a book or sleep.

I usually manage to motivate myself to start, eventually, but I end up staying up late.
It’s been 1am at the earliest when I’m going to bed, where I lie tossing and turning and running over things in my mind. The kid usually wakes early (the price for early nights, I suppose) so I’m starting the day exhausted. It’s getting harder to motivate myself to do anything and I’m drinking more and more coffee and energy drinks to keep going. (I swear , if you cut me, I bleed pure coffee.)

So, I am attempting a change of routine.
I’m going to get up earlier.
Yes, earlier.
I’ve set my alarm for 5.30am and I’m going to get up and study/write. Yes, I am. No, really.

I’m hoping this frees up my evenings a little and I’m hoping that achieving something before the school run (I mean more than remembering to brush my hair/teeth/face) will spur me on to achieve more throughout the day. If I free up evenings more I might even be able to reacquaint myself with my boyfriend.

With my early mornings, I’ll be going to bed earlier. Yay. I’ll also be cutting out coffee after 4pm. I said 3pm, but that’s gone and I have a monster mug of coffee beside me, so 4pm. Or 5pm. Whichever.


My update: I’m so far behind on NaNo it’s actually quite funny (or is that the hysteria kicking in?) I’m caught up with my course and I’ve subbed and blogged. I ate an apple this morning so I’m all set on the healthy eating front, too. I’m still optimistic.



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