NaNo Uh-oh (& ROW80)

 I was all ready to quit NaNoWriMo. It’s not going very well. In fact, it’s barely going at all. I typed out a post explaining my decision, then I thought – why?

What’s the worst that can happen? I fail. I get to November 30th without reaching 50k words. So what? I’m sure the world won’t end. I might hate failing, but the only way I you can guarantee not failing is to not try in the first place. Surely, it’s better to attempt it than to quit. Every word I type counts and who knows, I might just pull it off. (Though I only have 10k words after ten days. It ain’t looking promising. Still, stranger things have happened, or so I’ve heard.)

My priority is and always will be my son. What he needs/wants comes first, no matter what. Second, comes my course. It means a lot to me that I get my degree, on both a personal and career-related level, so that has to get a lot of my attention. This leaves my writing – including NaNo – at the bottom. I don’t like that writing isn’t a priority. I wish I could write all day long, but that’s the way it is. It’s the way it has to be and looking at the bigger picture, I know it’s right.

So, I’m not not doing NaNo. It’s open. I’ll do what I can, but the pressure is off.

 My weekly update reads as follows:

 I have done no NaNo since the weekend. I have submitted zilch. I have not exercised and I’ve eaten junk; so much junk. I’ve not blogged (and my ROW80 check-in is once again late). But, I am still up to date with my course (that’s a miracle in itself, right there) and my son is happy and looked after. Not a complete fail, just yet.

7 thoughts on “NaNo Uh-oh (& ROW80)

  1. Sounds like you’re winning already! Managing all those separate parts of a single life can be overwhelming. That’s one of the awesome things about Row 80 – the flexibility to say: “Nope, ain’t gonna happen.”

    Who knows…you could round out the end of November with more than you expect!

  2. Ryan King says:

    I totally understand how you feel. I just had to back off some of my own activities to make sure family comes first. It sucks but that’s what a good parent does. Kudos. You’re no failure. Just keep your head up and keep trying.

  3. There are so many schools of thought on the NaNo thing. I don’t think that anyone fails. (I actually hate that they call it WINNING.) I think if you try, that’s all that matters right there. What I really love about it is the camaraderie, the exhilaration of sooo many people doing the same thing at the same time, people all over the world with the same dream. That’s what’s fun. Don’t worry about the number or the winning. Just have fun and be proud of yourself for attempting to go after something you want. Your son is lucky to have you as an example 🙂

  4. Hello Emma,

    Last year I got to 27k. I was happy with that. I plodded on and by the summer had a finished manuscript.

    It’s like you say really, “failing” NaNo isn’t really a failure at all. You’ll still have words down that weren’t there before November.

    Good decision to take the pressure off though.

    Rebecca xx

  5. I’m with Lauren. In my mind there is no failing. I dropped Nano twice and completed once. Luckily I never put ridiculous amounts of heat on myself.

    It was ok, either way.

    I have slacked in my own writing since last weekend. I am so involved with the community and my children that my schedule was full most of the days. So…. no keyboard time.

    I felt shameful on my weekly check in, but I didn’t do so bad after all. Like that old saying says, “It isn’t how many times you fall, its how many times you get back up.”

    KUDOS for getting back up. You rock and your son knows he is loved!

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