ROW80: Time for a Change

As I decided at the last-minute that I would participate in NaNoWriMo (hey, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind), I need some new goals. 

1:  I will write – at least – 1667 words on my WIP every day.  Maybe more; never less. 

2:  I will blog three times a week.  Sundays and Wednesdays will be joint updates for ROW80 and NaNo and I will blog once more through the week.

3:  I will not put too much emphasis on Friday Flash.  If I write one – great; if not – I won’t beat myself up about it.  No more Thursday nights/Friday mornings banging my head against the keyboard as I try to come up with something half decent.

4:  I will still aim to submit one story a week, only instead of writing new stories to send out, I will send out one of the ones I already have.  I’m not going to write specifically for a particular publication.  Probably.  (Of course, there is the exception of Annie Evett’s fantastic CYOA series.  The next one is zombies – zombies! – and I will definitely be submitting.)

5:  I will maintain my studies.  So far, I’m still on target and I’d like to stay that way.

6:  A more personal one.  I will aim to get exercise daily, whether it’s a Zumba class or a walk in the woods with the kid,  I will get my bum off the chair and move it.  Daily. Also, I will attempt not to fall into last year’s NaNo habit of skipping meals and bingeing on biscuits.  Emphasis on the attempt; no promises.

I’ll probably change my goals again as NaNo ends, but maybe I’ll be masochistic enough to keep it up.  Who knows?

PS.  Day one of NaNo was great.  Day two, not so much, though it is only 2pm.


6 thoughts on “ROW80: Time for a Change

  1. hehe A nice set of goals and I wish you luck with them. I bought that zumba DVD set about 8 months ago and never got around to touching it (and probably won’t get to for a while because of my knee). Sometimes we get so caught up in writing/work/academic goals that we forget about even mroe important things like health. Best of luck for the rest of the round 🙂

  2. Awesome goals, Emma. I’m doing NaNo too, so if you want a buddy my NaNo name is TheProject (no spaces). BTW, my wife has been doing Zumba now for about six months, and she love, love, loves it. Rock The ROW. ~clink~

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