Oh no, NaNo

Hello, my name is Emma and I am absolutely, completely 100% certifiably insane.  Yes, nothing new there, but there is a particular reason today.  I have signed up to NaNoWriMo (50k words, 30 days for those not in the know).

Last month, I decided to opt out of NaNo this year.  I’m so busy without it, having just started my degree, having a three year-old and a boyfriend to keep happy and other writing projects.  I didn’t know when I would find the time.  Actually, I still don’t, though I suppose those three hours I usually spend asleep could be put to better use.

Last week, I decided that the novel I was working on was getting too much with my other commitments, and I switched to a factual piece.

So what happened?

Twitter happened.  I popped on yesterday afternoon and literally every tweet on my timeline was about NaNo. I logged off.  Then, logged back on and before you knew it I had signed up and even named my new novel. 

I’ve always been prone to making impulsive decisions, quitting my job to go traveling – sure; impromptu move across the country – why not?  With a three year-old there’s only so much impulse you can act on.  Yeah, I’ll go crazy so long as I’m back for his 7pm bedtime.  Maybe NaNo is my way of getting around that.  Rock n’ Roll, indeed.

More than that, I think I missed being creative.  My factual/biographical piece was fun and all, but I was merely typing out what happened.  My course doesn’t allow me to be creative. (Unless you count the doodling I do when I should be planning an assignment.)

My idea is a new one, a brief thought that came to me last week as I tried to write a scary flash fiction.  There was too much to it to fit into 1k words, so I put it to one side.  I have no idea where I’m going with it, I have only just managed to figure out who my main character is going to be. 

As for how the hell I’m going to fit in the time?  I have no idea.  I got up early (5am) this morning to get a head start, but I’m guessing that will get old quickly.  It was pitch black and freezing.  I do know that I’ll (mainly) love it and the pride I finish when I pass 50k words will be akin to the exhausted glow that follows giving birth. 

Best of luck to everyone else brave/crazy enough to do NaNo!  Have a virtual coffee on me!


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