Top Scary Reads for Halloween (and a ROW80 update)

 This week has been all about multitasking. With half-term, a bored three year-old and a neverending to-do list, there has been no choice but to tackle several things at once. In keeping with this, this blog post serves as the one I had planned for Halloween and my ROW80 update. Clever, huh? Or lazy, I’m not sure which.

 All I can say is that I survived last week. I think the fact I’m still sitting here, relatively sane and ticking things off my list is quite a feat in itself. I’m not even going to moan about how I’m posting this a day late, because quite frankly it’s a miracle it’s happening at all. I’m exhausted, busy and have drunk far more coffee than can be healthy.

 In honour of Halloween, here is a quick list of five scary reads: 

Bram Stoker – Dracula.

Dracula deserves a place on everyone’s Halloween book list. I can’t find words to do it justice except to say everyone should read it at least once. I think I’m almost in double figures. Everyone knows the story and the image of Dracula is so ingrained in our minds thanks to numerous tv and film adaptations, but none of these do the book justice. There is none of the sparkly vampire rubbish (sorry) of other books, this is pure horror all the way. So in love with this book am I, that my son is dressing as Dracula for a Hallowe’en party tonight!

 Dean Koontz – Watchers

My dad loaned me a stack of Dean Koontz books when I was heavily pregnant and had read everything, and this was among them. Right from the beginning it gripped me. I’m not going to give anything away – you’ll have to read it for yourself – but what I wouldn’t give for an Einstein.

 Stephen King – all of them

Again, no Halloween list is complete without Stephen King. Picking one book is impossible. Seriously impossible, I wasted a good half hour trying to narrow it down. I think it would even have been tricky to narrow it down for a Stephen King top five. So, here’s my tip; pick any book at random and enjoy.

 Graham Masterson – Devil in Gray

If you’re a fan of gore, this is the book for you. There’s a nice supernatural edge to this book, which I loved. Just don’t read it late at night, alone.

 James Herbert – Creed

I literally couldn’t put this book down, it is jam packed full of twists and so fast paced it takes you thorugh the story at a dizzying speed. Usually, I’m quite good at second guessing plots (must be the writer in me) but not here.

 So, there is my five. Of course, there are many, many more I could have added.

 What are your favourite scary books?


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