#Fridayflash: Always be Together

 Millie woke, the crisp October morning feeling surprisingly warm on her skin. It was 31st October; Halloween. A pang for Halloweens past stung her eyes. She missed those days; she and her big sister Hannah had always loved dressing up. Hannah had always been the girlier of the two, choosing sparkly witches outfits which were anything but scary, while Millie went for the more tomboyish bats or werewolves.

 Millie smiled as she remembered the last Halloween. It was three or four years ago – it was difficult to remember. The years kind of blurred into one now. She had been ten, Hannah thirteen. Wrapped in fake blood-soaked bandages, Millie had been a mummy.  Hannah had dressed as a ghost pirate with tissue stuffed in her bra as she kissed Jake Marlowe in a dark corner. Millie had cried, it had felt like she was losing her sister. Hannah had laughed and hugged her. If she closed her eyes tight, she could almost feel her sister’s warm arms around her cold body.

 “We’ll always be together.” Hannah had whispered into her hair. These words echoed around Millie’s head now.

 Three days later that drunk driver had torn them apart forever.

 Millie moved to the window, looking out as Hannah made her way down the drive, book back slung across her shoulder, golden hair glistening in the early morning light and Jake Marlowe’s hand taking the place her own hand should be.

 Sadness tinged with resentment washed over Millie as she watched through cold eyes.

“We will always be together.” she whispered as she watched Hannah step out in front of the speeding car.



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