My three year-old son makes me laugh until tears are streaming down my face on a daily basis. Here are some of my favourite ‘toddlerisms’. (Yes, this post is a bit of a cop out as I’m feeling a little under the weather. What it lacks in effort, it more than makes up for in cuteness and humour.)

As funny as he looks

Me: Will you behave, please?
3yo: But I behaved this morning.

Teacher: Good-morning.
3yo: I just did a massive poo and it stinked.

Me: What do you want for lunch?
3yo: Tic tac toc, bic bac boc, mic mac moc, nic nac noc.
Me: What?
3yo: (with an incredulous look) Pasta.

3yo: Don’t go over that line, Mummy. (points to invisible line on floor)
Me: Why, sweetheart?
3yo: You’ll get eated by the penguins.
Me: You mean ‘eaten’. I’ll get EATEN by the penguins, not eated.
3yo: (sighs) It’s only a game, mummy.

Me: I love you.
3yo: Love you, too.
Me: Love you three:
3yo: Love you four.
Me: Love you nine.
3yo: Love you eight.
Me: Ten comes next.
3yo: Yes, I know. I only love you eight.

Me: What did you do at nursery?
3yo: Stuff.
Me: What stuff?
3yo: (shrugs) Fun stuff.
Me: Did you do some painting?
3yo: (shrugs) Maybe.
Me: Did you go onto the yard?
3yo: Mummy, it’s personal.

 3yo: (At a family christening. Singing on the top of his voice.) I’ve got the whole world in my pants…

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