Can you believe that Autumn is already upon us?  The nights are drawing in, there’s a chill in the air and the leaves are falling from the trees; don’t you just love it? No, I’m being serious. I actually do love Autumn.  Why?

 Autumn means cosy cardigans; snuggly, soft throws and mugs of hot chocolate.

It means looking forward to Christmas without any of the bad bits, such as actual shopping/wrapping/other festivities that seem better in theory.

It means the return of comfort food: stews, casseroles, chunky soups and pudding and custard.

It means baggy jumpers, perfect to hide the results of overindulging in the above comfort foods.

 It means not being disappointed when you look out of the window and see dull clouds and rain.  Sunny days are seen as an added bonus rather than expected.

It means bonfire night (spent indoors with the tv on loud, obviously) with sticky toffee apples. 

It means wannabe recluses like me can curl up with a book and not be branded (as much of) a bore.

This year it means almost the start of my degree. (Eek and squee in equal measure)  

It also means that S-word. You know the black, eight-legged things that I can’t even bring myself to type the name of, but we’ll forget about that for the purpose of this post. 

What do you think about Autumn?






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