CYOA Dust and Death Launch!

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80’s?  The ones where you the reader guide the main character through the story by making decisions?  Yes?  Well today sees the launch of a series of online stories which take that concept to a whole new level.

The series was created by Annie Evett aka Mystress Weaver who says of the project,

“Choose Your Online Adventures has taken these concepts [of collaborative writing] a step further – and perhaps beyond. After a genre has been chosen and a starter story written, a group of 13 writers come together for thirteen weeks, using skype video and conference calling to create the world, characters and storylines…Its a complex, exciting and interactive way to create an original story, based on trust between the process, the writers and the characters on the page.”

‘Dust and Death’ is dubbed as a murder mystery set in the West.  The story follows Daniel Higgins as he takes on his role of Deputy Sheriff in the town of Cyotta Falls.  When a landowner drops dead in front of Daniel, he suspects that the Sherrif’s natural causes verdict is wrong.  Suddenly, everyone in town is a suspect; everyone has a secret they want to keep hidden.  Even Daniel.

Can you unravel the secrets to find the killer? 

Want to learn more? 

Read parallel (or teasers) stories taking place before the story takes place.

That not enough?  Read the first chapter, here for FREE.

Still want more?  Read the entire story – or, indeed stories – for a one time fee of £3.00/AUS$4.50/US$4.99.

To keep up-to-date on news and for some great competitions,  ‘like’ the Facebook page, follow on Twitter or join the virtual Facebook Launch Party.

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