MYWYN Update

I’m still behind on my MYWYN (May You Write Your Novel) wordcount.  I’m not worried, though.  Not yet anyway. 

I’m completely in love with my story.  My main character is the favourite I have written to date.  She seems like the kind of person I would be friends with. In fact I have to remind myself that she’s not real sometimes.  In short, everything is falling into place. 

When I do sit down to write, the words come easy and it’s a tough task to drag myself away.  It’s the actual starting that’s my problem, there always seems to be too many other things to do.   I’m still confident I will complete my 80k by the 19th of July.  Maybe I’m just deluded.  Perhaps a chronic case of writer’s block is just around the corner, but for now I’m happy to be enjoying getting new words down.

In other news, I may finally be starting my degree in October! I’ve put it off and been distracted from the plan for a decade  (Gosh, I feel old) but now it’s time to bite the bullet and go for it.  I will be studying English Literature. It couldn’t be anything else really, could it?

3 thoughts on “MYWYN Update

  1. I’m behind on my MYWYN word count too. I’m like you, once I actually get started Its fine but I feel like I have to get everything else out of the way first and sometimes I just run out of day!

    As for the degree, go for it! I started mine when I was 33. I didn’t study anything as exciting as English Literature but I had an absolute ball anyway.

  2. laradunning says:

    Keep it up! Writing 80K is quite a goal. That is great your character is speaking to you. It makes writing go so smoothly when you are able to embrace your MC and let the words flow.

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